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Bila Wabi Sabi Apartment / Sergey Makhno Architects

Modern Architect – Bila Wabi Sabi Apartment / Sergey Makhno Architects

Inspired by the surrounding nature and the serendipity it evokes, the small apartment of 50 m2 is influenced by Japanese philosophies, called Wabi shabi or imperfect beauty and located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sergey Makhno Architects created a sandy toned apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The calm interior contrasts with a bustling city outside. All the walls have been finished with clay - no smooth, but with beautiful roughness provoking to touch even when you look at the picture.

‘We appreciate the Wabi Sabi philosophy and saw imperfect things as beauty. This apartment shows natural irregularity and calmness, love for natural materials and shapes.’ - Sergey Makhno, founder of Ukrainian architectural workshop.

The owner travels a lot, especially she loves Thailand and Sri Lanka. These countries have a tendency to mix modernity with traditions, and we did the same in the interior. Despite quite natural and rustic feels, the apartment is equipped with hi-tech amenities that guarantee a comfortable life.

It’s like a bungalow made of wood, clay, linen and all natural.

Handmade light is an important part of every Sergey Makhno Architects’ project. Wabi Sabi searches for simplicity and harmony with nature.

As a result, for the light there were used simple unprocessed materials, and the main accent in the interior was put on textures.

A bluish copper lamp resembles of a flow, whilst a wooden flower lights up a zone over a dining table.

The character of the home was formed by things. Unique, handmade, entirely original because plenty of them Sergey Makhno Architects created by themselves.

From trio of lighting ‘Umbrellas’ near the bed to a ceramic bath and lighting ‘Clouds’ over it.

The area is 50 sq m, and the main task was to create an open space broadened as possible. The bathroom was moved to the balcony, and lifted to a podium. In such a way the designers free the space for the wardrobe.

Design studio: Sergey Makhno Architects

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Year: 2018

Area: 50 sq m

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